About Us


Present day,rapid changing of social structure and demands cause the struggling condition with a lot of questions in the social organizations.The most difficult issues among these problems without a shadow of doubt is creating the faithfulness and supplying goal and target union in the company. Our purpose unity constitutes the process of evaluating , defining,sharing and explaining of all activities which will be thought doing in the future.

Our Company presents the knowlegde which is turned to future and improvement by inspring of the views of all employees,by retaining clear their memory of angle of view to the creativeness and originality.

By the way,we have always been improving our products such as cylinder tanks ,external toroidal tanks ,internal toroidal tanks and ultra toroidal tanks according to our clients’ demands.
In witness whereof,our managers communicate their ideas which have been given a form in their mind to the other employees ( workers ) and supply the adoption to them. Thus,they constitute a shared common purpose unity.

To concrete our company’s general purposes and to determine what we have to do in the business enterprise and to become among leadership companies is the frank sample of our successful purpose unity.




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